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Dear Sporting Club,

New England Sportsman Network ( captures the eyes and interest of the American Outdoorsman and woman the largest, most active and brand loyal special interest group in the country.  We are dedicated to all those who enjoy the world's oldest traditions: hunting and fishing.  By clicking on our site you will quickly find that serving people who love the outdoors is our #1 priority. 

Site Description

Our web site was founded in 1998 and continues to grow and attract thousands of Internet users interested in hunting, fishing and the great outdoors. We have over 15,000 hunters and anglers that visit our site on a monthly basis and between 350 - 700 unique visitors each day.  We average 3,000 page views a day.  We have been in business for 5 years and have developed a strong, loyal following of viewers. 

What can you at expect to find at New England Sportsman Network?

We have webmasters assigned to cover each state throughout New England.  They work together to form a network of resources and information.  The online resource known as New England Sportsman Network informs our readers of upcoming events and tournaments as well as current news and information.  Our content includes free hunting and fishing articles, news, reports, message boards, bragging boards, state specific home pages and chat rooms.  We also provide resources such as tournament/event news, lake and topographical maps, satellite images, tide and moon phase tables, sunrise/sunset tables and a variety of books, videos, tackle and gear to satisfy your shopping needs.

Become a Sponsor of New England Sportsman Network:

This is an exciting opportunity to get your club recognized and contribute to something you love to do. Being a Sponsor of NES can pay great dividends. We will add your club or organization to our web site and attach links, if you have a website, to allow our viewers  to visit your site. In addition, we can add contact names and numbers for those clubs not on the Internet. NES is not a print magazine so we can change this data with speed and ease as your contacts change. Having the ability to solicit for new members, notify people of your fund raising and charity events, is a great tool. Supporting NES at the club or organization level will also give your sponsors an additional benefit. If you have a club website and we point to it others that visit your site will also have access to the sponsors you list on your site.

Your Sponsors can receive big discounts in advertising:  
Yet, the biggest benefit from becoming an NES sponsor is the benefit you will be able to offer your sponsors.  Your sponsors will be able to advertise on NES at a discounted rate.  This will make your sponsors more committed to your club since their sponsorship of your club is now more valuable to them.  Contact us at NES to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Option 1.   Organizational Sponsor (Greater than 50 members)




  • Free listing in the NESportsman Organization directory

  • Free link to your website from our Organization directory

  • Use of our message board to promote your events, solicit membership, make important announcements

  • Discounted advertising to your sponsors*

  • Use of our Chat-room for scheduled events

Option 2.   Club Sponsor (Less than 50 members)



  • Free listing in the NESportsman Club directory

  • Free link to your website from our Club Directory (or contact info for clubs that do not have a web page)
  • Use of our message boards to promote your events, solicit membership, make important announcements
  • Discounted advertising to your sponsors*

* Our premiere sponsors receive more than 10000 impressions a month

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