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Tight Lines - The Best Trout and Bass Fishing in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

I can highly recommend this book to anyone who would like to gain insight from a very successful angler and writer of our region. Roger Aziz covers every aspect of bass and trout fishing in this concise volume. Over fifty years of New England fishing experience is shared by Roger here.  This book should prove invaluable to all anglers who fish for trout and bass. - mikec

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Contents by Chapter:

  • Taking Trout with Flies - Discusses and describes in great detail New England trout flys and how to fish them. Dressings for fly patterns are listed as well as a discussion on fly fishing techniques, fly line types and tackle. A special section on Fishing with a Bubble is included!
  • Trolling for Trout - Discusses effective ways to troll for trout using lead core line. Types of tackle, fly/lure patterns and tricks and tips are covered in great detail. This is an outstanding chapter if you want to catch trout trolling.
  • Modern Trout Baits - From lures to cheese, all successful trout baits are described as well as the best ways and times to fish them. A listing of Massachusetts and New Hampshire trout waters is listed for reference.
  • Bass Fishing - Roger's special love for bass fishing shines in this chapter. Subjects covered include boats, tackle, fly-fishing for bass and a two special sections on bass fishing tactics and playing the bass. Massachuetts and New Hampshire bass waters are listed.
  • Best Fishing Times - Seasons, time of day and weather all affect trout and bass fishing . A special section on how bass are affected is included.
  • Tackle Tips - From setting up a boat to placing tape on a rod to be used for measuring a fish, this chapter culminates a lifetime of first hand fishing tips.
  • Massachusetts Lakes and Ponds - Lakes and ponds including maps and access points.
  • New Hampshire Lakes and Ponds - Lakes and ponds including maps and access points.
  • Odd & Ends - Many topics range from river fishing, to making a fly line splice, to keeping, cleaning and cooking fish is covered here.

About the Author

Roger Aziz is a freelance outdoors writer who for the last 24 years has published a weekly column in the Eagle-Tribune, a Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper.

Although Aziz fishes both fresh and salt water, he has a special affection for freshwater fishing, For more than five decades, he has fished for bass, trout and all species found in fresh water lakes and streams of New England.

Aziz uses a number of special tactics to catch fish. At various times, he has used fly-fishing and fly-tying, spin fishing, and bait fishing.

This book introduces the reader to all of the methods that the authors has employed over the course of his highly successful career.

The lake and pond maps included within as marked with the hot spots that have produced boatloads of fish on numerous outings. Don't waste your tine fishin' where they ain't!  Roger Aziz shows you where the fish are and how to get'em.

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