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The Virtual Creel Software Page
"Software for Fishermen by Fishermen"

The Virtual Creel software is a Windows 95 application designed for anglers to record and track their fishing endeavors. The program provides forms to record and edit fishing trip information, and charts to view that data. You may generate reports in plain text or in HTML format to post to the web. The goal was to make the GUI simple, easy to use and as compact as possible. 
Start by entering profile information through the File|Configuration menu. You may enter custom data through the six different tabs which fit your style and type of fishing. You may also choose to use the program's default values or key in a value when entering new trip information. Select the photo source directory through this form for including images.
Next select Record Fishing Trip Info and enter information about your fishing experience. Trip information is divided into six sections. Click on each tab and enter information for that section. You may select an item from the combo boxes, or fill in the box with your own description. It is helpful to use the predefined data items when viewing results on a chart. Leaving a box blank will result in UNDEFINED data in the charts. Images can also be imported as a 150 x 200 pixel GIF, JPG or BMP files.

You may view, edit and search past trip entries from the Lookup Past Trips menu. There are 3 tabs which hold 144 log entries indexed by date. Clicking on a date brings up that trip's log. You have the opportunity to edit that trip's information that point. By the way, you may open other fishing databases through the File Open menu. That way you may customize a database for each type of fishing ie: salt, fresh, river, stream...

Searching is performed through the search tab. Enter the text to find and select a subject field to search. If the search is successful it will appear in the search results box. Double click on a description and that log will be displayed.

Finally, the View Charts menu provides the tools to analyze your past fishing trips and to learn from successes and failures. Each chart represents the number of fish caught for the selected criteria. In the chart below, we are looking at the number of fish caught with respect to water temperature. chart styles can be changed on the fly with the option button at the bottom.

All you have to do to get your copy of  The Virtual Creel is to submit a Crazy Fish Story. It can be something funny, something unexpected, or something that only us anglers would truly understand. We'll send you an email of the URL where you can download a self extracting zipped archive (4,100KB) containing the program.

(Note: Your address will be kept private and will not be disclosed to anyone or to any mailing list.)

All feedback about the application is welcome. Updates containing users suggestions are common.


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