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article175_1.jpg (30267 bytes)Timberghost Camo

By Art Champoux

Have you ever seen something slither between the trees at dusk but could not make out what it was? It did not break up its image it blended in so well It was a part of the landscape.

Timberghost has that effect. It does not break up like other camos nor does it blotch up against trees. It is a tree!!!!!!! It is similar to the Founder of the Camo revolution, Jim Crumleys' Tree Bark (the all time leader and futurist of the camo revolution). TIMBERGHOST, though, becomes the tree. With your back against a tree or sitting between two trees or even in a blind or tree stand one does not have to worry about what is in the back ground! You are the image, you are the tree. As the pictures will indicate, in back of a tree,behind a small bush or out in plain sight TIMBERGHOST performs.

Timberghost is made with soft twill fabric that under goes a series of manufacturing processes to make it soft and super quiet. An added feature (I know from experience) is that it is water resistent. I got caught walking in the rain with it on and thought I was going to get wet, but inside the coat was completely dry.

Unlike other camos it is adaptabale to many terrains. Where there are trees and or   logs Timberghost fits in well. What if your favorite spot has been cut down and all is left are stumps? No problem. Now you are a taller stump. It will work superb in blow downs, as now you are one of them. At the edge of fields you become another tree or part of a clump of trees.

If you are sold on other brands that have the leafy effect think of this.How many trees have leaves to the bottom of the tree? Solution. Bibs or pants make the trunk while you supply the top half of the tree with leaves. Other camo companies have been saying for years that it takes two of their products' different camos to give the total effect. If you have one of their products now pick up the TIMBERGHOST pants,bibs, mittens,hat,or Turkey vest.

Ask another mfgr if they haveTick Guard. Tick guard is impregnated in the cuffs and sleeves of the clothing to prevent those nasty bugs from ruining your day. This comes standard in all their hunting clothes or you can buy these kit to do it to your existing clothing system.

Do not forget the neat binocular pocket on the upper chest. A small compartment to put in a mini pair of your favorite binoculars has been installed. The zipper for this pocket runs vertically and does not interfere with the string or the shot. With one hand you can reach for the binocs scan and put back in your pocket zip up and it is out of sight and out mind. This shows that attention to detail means a lot.

What does TIMBERGHOST make.Hats, pants, bibs,coats,gloves,masks, t-shirts bow slings even a turkey vest. Do not forget their casual wear.Demin shirts,sweat shirts, a   snappy jacket and matching cap. So if you want to sit in pine trees, oak trees elm trees or even dogwood trees tell the animals to beware of the bark because they will not see or hear it.

My Rating; 1 is lowest 5 is highest

Mateial 5
Quietness 5
Adaptibility 5
Price 5
Features 5
Comfort 5
Durability 5
Price 5

What I found was this is a quality item that works well in 99% of all hunting situations. Field shooting for ducks or geese might be a problem, but then again I do not beleive it was intended to do that.

The big thing now is to break up your image. Maybe it is somewhat justified but I even read somewhere that deer get spooked when walking in and around trees.But most deer I have ever seen were making scrapes or rubs under or on trees. I have never seen a deer hide in the middle of a field or in a used car parking lot. Every product is well thought out and quality built in to it.. My only wish is that they add items to their tape,cloth andcamo blinds for different situations.

But all-in-all, this is a lot of great looking product that has a lot of bark and will not take a big bite out of your wallet.

Article Sponsor

Big Al's Archery & Marine
Rte. 1, Seabrook, NH 03874

Pro Archery Shop, Sales, Service, Complete Line of Archery Equipment, Techno Hunt Video Target Range
DIRECTIONS: Rte.95 North to exit 1 in NH (Rte.107) turn right on Rte.1 South, 2 miles up on the left.


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