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Lake Chauncy Ice Fishing Tournament Tri-County Bassmasters

By Dave Sullivan and Steve O'Keefe

Tri County topples record with 453 anglers at annual event

I dragged myself out of bed fighting a cold at 9:30am and made mybarry.jpg (33601 bytes) way to Westboro to check on the tourney. I was shocked at the turnout. A sea of flags was all I saw driving along the road. I knew there was a crowd but, I immediately knew it was bigger than I had ever seen.

Barry's Bait and Tackle were on hand to supply bait and tackle. Barry and his wife brought a trailer with shiners and gear. They did a great job supplying the shiners to the fisherman. I chatted for a while and then made my way onto the ice to see how folks were doing.

I hitched a ride and found the Tri-county crew in the back end of thethemen.jpg (31366 bytes) lake hiding from the wind. As I got there, they warmed me up with Chili! I like being just in time.

By the time I got there, most of the flags were in the down position. Then, around 11:30 a major squall came through. Wow, did the wind blow! Flags went up!

While I was there I captured some pics of folks bringing in fish. But, after looking at the board, I knew that there better be some big ones to even have a chance. I heard about the big pike and the big bass and the weights were quite impressive. Here's some thumbnails of the pics I took, everyone was having fun!

The winners in the Pike division are Josh Dinklage 12.46 pike, Dan Fenton 4.68 pike, Pete Misakian 3.60 pic., and Joe Petrelli with a 3.32 pic.

josh_pike.jpg (24145 bytes) Here's Josh Dinklage holding his big catch!

A 12.46 Northern Pike which won the Pike/Pickerel category

The Bass winners are Todd Cook with a 5.84, Mark Sicotte 5.46, Richard Havalotti 5.46 ( 1" shorter than Mark's), Jim Walsh 5.40.

bigbass1.jpg (26016 bytes) Here' s Todd Cook with the big bass of the day a 5.84 pound largemouth

Prizes were per category: 

Over a $4200 purse in cash and prizes !!!

1st place $1000 each, second $500 each, third $250 each, 4th $125 each, then there were 5 raffles for $100 each.

The winner of the power auger is Ray Lewicki from North Attleboro. We made or are making 5 generous donations to charities that are regularly supported by Tri-County Bassmasters, they are, The Cystinosis Foundation, Jimmy Fund, Handi-Kids in Middleboro, M.S. foundation, and the Mass Bass youth Program. We would like to thank all who came and braved the cold windy weather to make this 3rd annual fishing tournament a huge success and we look forward to making next years event bigger and better for everyone who fishes it.

Hope to see you all next year!

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