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> From: Doug Cratch
> Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2004 8:15 AM
> To: 'Mike Christy'
> Subject: RE: 20C Mako details
> Mike:
> What you have here looks good. Typically what you would find in place
> for a fighting chair location from most boat builders would be a 1/2"
> aluminum plate laminated into the underside of the deck. So what you
> have here is far more than what you may find typically.
> I am not sure that angle needs to run under the longitudinal deck
> supports. I would worry more about getting the angle hard up under the
> deck so it has no room to flex and bend. If you can split the hatch and
> locate the pedestal forward or even aft and make the hatch and tub still
> usable, that will work. See my conceptual drawing attached. Remember
> that this is something that is not an engineering drawing it is
> conceptual.
> Let me know.
> Doug Cratch
> Mako-Seacraft Engineering Dept.
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> From: Doug Cratch [mailto:DougCratch@trackermarine.com]
> Sent: Wednesday, March 03, 2004 7:31 AM
> To: Christy, Michael (GE Consumer & Industrial, non-ge)
> Subject: RE: 20C Mako details
> Michael:
> Unfortunately, I do not have drawings or tribal knowledge of that model
> year.
> Here is what I would assume...
> Chances are that there is not much stiffing laminated into the bottom of
> the tub itself. It more than likely has some form of A-B foam under it
> that gives the solid feel. Having said that, I would not be surprised to
> find that the fiberglass laminate in those days was thicker.
> I would think that you would want to thru-bolt the post anyway. If you
> plan to do this, there are a number of water-tight access plates
> available that you could use allowing you to gain access to the
> underside of the tub. I doubt that the tub is hard against the hull
> bottom, giving you "some" room for thru-bolting. If you have access to a
> digital camera and would like to send me a picture or two of the tub
> area and your intended post install, even with the post set into
> position, I would have a better chance at giving you my humble opinion.
> Thank you,
> Doug Cratch
> Mako-Seacraft Engineering Dept.

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