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bowcarp.gif (23896 bytes)Summertime
for Carp

The Maine Bow Hunter
By Jeff.Martin

The season is upon us! The fresh smell of muddied up brackish water, its an adrenaline rush you can't pass up. I'm talking about Carp fishing....... If you haven't tried it or ever hear of it, it's something you've got to try.


  1. A bow, (recurve, compound, long) they'll all work.
  2. Some sort of fishing reel mounted to your bow, (I prefer a closed mouth, using 40# test monofiliment).
  3. Arrows with fishing points installed, I usually use either solid fiberglass with a hole drilled through the fishing point to connect the line to, or I'll use a heavy duty aluminum arrow with a peace of leader connected to the fishing point and taped back to the nock end of the arrow with a little loop made in the leader to connect your line to.
  4. A boat, we prefer a canoe, you'll be paddling in 3 feet or less of water with lots of vegetation as obstacles and a canoe does just great in this environment.
  5. A good partner to move you around and keep a second set of eyes looking out for the mysterious mud fish.
  6. One more thing that helps a lot is some sort of fishing glasses with polarized lenses. These will really help you see these guys.

Now that you've got all your gear your ready for a lot of fun. We've found the Carp to be in brackish water feeding on the vegetation in the flats during high tide (this is the best time to get into some good action). It really needs to be bright and sunny with virtually no wind to see these guys, so your days can be very limited.

Things to look for while stalking these bottom feeders is bubbles and mud swirls, once you start seeing these you'd better be ready for a lot of action to take place. The 15+ pound fish will be banging off the bottom of your boat making wakes all around you and stirring up a mess of mud. You've got to be ready and hopefully see them before they see you. Depending on your depth of water, you may need to shoot slightly under the fish due to refraction.

My buddy Wighty and I try to make it a few times a year to our favorite spot. We usually end up having an incredible day of action and laughs. This is a sport that any bowhunter would surely enjoy, you'll get addicted as he and I have. Give it a try and let me hear your successes......

Good Hunting

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